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COVID-19 Update

LCCIL provides essential services to individuals with disabilities and our communities. We are restricting access to both offices (Lake County-Mundelein and McHenry County-in McHenry). You can, however, contact us the way you always have; our phone number(s) and emails are the same.

Please continue to be cognizant of the risks of COVID-19 and its variants.

LCCIL would like to share some helpful links regarding COVID-19 and combating the virus:

Suggestions for persons with disabilities and older adults can be found here:

Information on battling the virus:

To find vaccine opportunities in Lake County please visit:

To find vaccine opportunities in McHenry County please visit COVID-19 Vaccine Locations

May everyone continue to stay well and be kind!

Lake County Center for Independent Living's Mission

...LCCIL empowers people with disabilities to lead self-directed lives as valued members of the community.

Who We Are . . .

Lake County Center for Independent Living, serving Lake and McHenry counties, is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, disability rights organization. We exist to ensure that all people with disabilities have the tools they need to live independently. Governed and staffed by a majority of people with disabilities, we are a consumer-controlled organization, which means the services we provide are those chosen by our consumers. To learn more, click our ABOUT US page.



New Strategic Plan

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Colleagues:

We are delighted to introduce our five year strategic plan (October 2019-September 2024) which clarifies the work and overall direction of Lake County Center for Independent Living (LCCIL). Our strategic plan is a result of information received through community feedback via individual and organizational surveys throughout Lake and McHenry counties.

The goals outlined in the plan will position LCCIL to:

  • Increase awareness of LCCIL services through the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Expand peer mentoring opportunities into McHenry County and among youth with disabilities struggling with inclusion and acceptance
  • Build capacity to provide independent living skills training to more consumers through the use of electronic/technological communication and peer group learning opportunities
  • Increase transition services for youth aging out of school and into the workforce
  • Streamline processes to more effectively provide information & referral services
  • Advance systems advocacy initiatives to create and expand affordable/accessible housing and public transportation options
  • Increase financial resources through the implementation of a 5-year fund raising plan

We truly appreciate everyone who participated in the process and value their feedback as well as the acknowledgement of the potential challenges for a not for profit organization. LCCIL is a consumer-driven, community based organization; therefore, this strategic plan reflects the needs of people with disabilities in the communities that we serve. Thank you to all who participated!

Click here to check out the plan.


Walter J. Kendall III
Board President

Kelli Brooks
Executive Director