Lake County Center for Independent Living (LCCIL) is a non-residential, cross-disability 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization governed and staffed by a majority of people with disabilities. We advocate for a fully accessible society that is inclusive of everyone. LCCIL believes that the disability community must have the freedom and opportunity to control our own lives.


It is LCCIL's mission to empower people with disabilities to lead self-directed lives as valued members of the community.

We achieve our mission through programs within these core services:


LCCIL has served persons with disabilities in Lake County since 1990 and those in McHenry County since 2012. We are a cross-disability organization, which means we serve anyone with any disability, of any age. Our services are free and we encourage you to check out our Services page to see what we offer.

LCCIL Board Members

  • Walter (Jerry) Kendall – President
  • James Kavanaugh - Treasurer
  • Charles (Chuck) Bartels - Director
  • Diane McBain - Director
  • Jennie Halvorsen - Director
  • Laura Dietz - Director
  • Ahmad Mshaiel - Director

If you are interested in volunteering at LCCIL, please contact the Executive Director.

(The Board of Directors are voluntary, decision-making positions.)

We promote the independent living philosophy and teach our consumers how to do for themselves. Whether you are working on a personal goal or need systemic change in your community, we guide you through the process, but you do the work. This approach promotes pride and independence, which is why we exist.

We model a grassroots approach to systemic issues and encourage consumers to take a lead role in individual and community advocacy initiatives. Visit our Advocacy In Action page to see how you can learn more about our advocacy initiatives and how you can get involved.

Take a look at our 2020-2024 strategic plan to learn more about our goals and objectives in the coming years.